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Do you give a Damm!

Do you give a Damm!

In June this year we embarked on an exercise to see how some of the leading charities in the UK look after their supporters, in addition to some of the larger charities we included some smaller ones to see how they performed too.

So what did we do? We donated a single gift of £10 to over 50 charities in the UK. We used either an insert or direct mail pack to respond with but if that was not available then we simply went online and completed a donation form.

When we responded to the charity we gave them all the information they asked for. If somebody asked for an email address one was supplied but if they didn’t ask, we didn’t give one. If a charity asked why we donated, we answered that too.

We are now two months into our experiment and it will soon be time to see what has happened in the short term. Which charities decided to simply send a Thank You letter, how many splashed out on a welcome pack?  Did anybody call us or was the email address used?

In a world where we have so many touch points with our supporters we need to ensure that we utilise all of them to capitalize on the lifetime value of our supporter. I am a firm believer in if you don’t ask, you don’t get, but also believe that there is a time to stop knocking your head against a brick wall.

So over the next few months we will be sharing with you some of the highs and lows of this experiment. Who decided to do nothing with us, who decided to make money by selling us off to as many organisations as possible and who embarked on a sensible donor journey.

I cannot wait to find out how this pans out. I spend my working day either helping charities recruit individuals or trying to build a predictive model and supporter journey to ensure you make the most of your assets. Understanding how some of you are currently treating your donors will make fascinating reading.

So keep an eye on our blog and do let us know your thoughts too.

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